Finding Your Niche on YouTube (with LunchTime)

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

What's wrong with Warzone right now? Is making the switch to Facebook Gaming worth it?

In this episode, Tevin and OBJ interview Twitch Partner, YouTuber, and competitive Call of Duty player LunchTime. As someone with a family, "real job", and nearly 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, LunchTime has plenty of experience with the balancing act that is so characteristic of content creators. Among many other things, he shares the secret to finding your niche in the YouTube algorithm and using it to your advantage. Anyone interested in growing their various platforms will find this episode very insightful.

Here's the link to LunchTime's favorite video of all time, which he mentions during the episode.

I don't want to act like I'm the epitome of, you know, balancing different aspects of life. But when it comes to things that you care about, you'll find the best way to make time for each of them.

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