Competitive Warzone & Facebook Gaming (with LolKyleV)

Updated: Oct 19

What's wrong with Warzone right now? Is making the switch to Facebook Gaming worth it?

In this episode, Lainie and Tevin interview LolKyleV, better known as Kyle. As a Facebook Partner, Twitch Affiliate, and competitive Warzone player, Kyle has a very unique perspective of the gaming community and content creation scene. He discusses the current state of Warzone -- including its lack of competitive integrity -- and shares his experience of signing a contract with Facebook's new gaming platform. Are you a competitive Call of Duty fan? Are you considering making the jump over to Facebook for streaming? You're in the right place.

Every tournament day, I go to McDonalds, I get two McChickens, nuggets, a large Coke, sit in the parking lot, laugh, have a good time... and then I get on and play.

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